Come to Tetto… and bring your crew! We’ll help you create the ultimate party memories!

bottomless lunch


If sipping ice-cold cocktails on a rooftop bar, surrounded by good company and an abundance of delicious share plates is on your vision board for summer, then it’s time to clear your weekend schedule for the rest of the year.


With 7 offers over 7 nights, there is always a reason to venture up to the rooftop at Tetto.

See what’s on weekly ⁠and let your party spirit thrive! ⁠


Nothing beats sounds, sips and savouries at your local sun-kissed slice of paradise!

Gather the crew and celebrate with a cocktail tree!

Ask about a special cocktail package available with our Functions packages

Pawnstar Martini
Pawnstar Martini

Can’t get to the Italian summer vacation you dreamed of?

Come to Tetto… and bring your friends! We’ll help you to put together the best party memories you could ask for.